Check out the full, 40+ min. Warcraft movie panel from BlizzCon 2014

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Nov 11, 2014, 11:08 AM EST

Are you jonesing for more intel on Duncan Jones’ upcoming World of Warcraft film? Well, this should definitely sate your orc-fighting appetite.

Director Duncan Jones (Moon), along with some Blizzard execs, hosted a lengthy panel at the recent BlizzCon 2014 convention that was all about the long-awaited film adaptation of the beloved videogame franchise. They also brought along some (awesome) life-sized props from the production that are just as awesome as you’d imagine.

Considering production already wrapped earlier this year, it’s nice to get a peek at what Jones is putting together. They’re currently deep into a lengthy post-production process to handle all the effects work, so it’s nice to get a little update to let us know this project is still rolling along. The plot is expected to follow the origin of the war between humans and orcs and feature some game-based characters.

If you weren’t lucky enough to make it to BlizzCon, dig into the full panel below:

(Via MacguffinsTV)