Check out Hellboy creator's weird, awesome concept art for Disney's Atlantis

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Though most sci-fi fans would probably recognize Mike Mignola as the mastermind behind cult comic hit Hellboy, he also had a hand in one of Disney’s weirder animated flicks a decade or so ago.

When looking to bring the animated adventure Atlantis: The Lost Empire to life back in the late 1990s, Disney tapped Mignola to work up some concept art for how the underwater world might look. Now, some of Mignola’s original concept art — complete with his handwritten notes - has leaked out into the wild, and it's some weirdly awesome stuff.

Looking back at the 2001 film now, it’s easy to spot Mignola’s fingerprints on some of the design cues in the animated flick. It has a very distinct look for Disney, and it seems Mignola is the man to at least partially thank for that. 

(Via io9, Brian Bendis)