Check out how 5 living classic Doctors will return for Who 50th

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

While rumors persist about the possibility of an 11 Doctors 50th-anniversary special for Doctor Who, we have confirmed that there is one story going out that will star all five living actors who have played the Doctor and more. But it's not quite what we thought.

Big Finish, the company that kept Doctor Who alive during the times it was off the air by continuing the Doctor's stories through audio dramas, has announced it will be releasing a special adventure for the 50th anniversary. Titled The Light at the End, this radio play will include Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann. That's every living actor who played the titular role during the classic series.

But that's not all! A slew of classic companions will be returning as well, including India Fisher, Louise Jameson, Nicola Bryant, Sarah Sutton and Sophie Aldred.

And that's still not all! At the bottom of the press release is the phrase "With special guest stars ...", which we think means they'll be using audio clips from the deceased actors. Writer Nicholas Briggs even says, "That's not to say the first three Doctors don't appear—we wanted to pay homage to the whole history of the classic series." There look to be even more companions popping by, too, as Briggs adds, "There will be a number of appearances from some much-cherished old friends from the TV series."

The whole thing is going to run about two hours and will be due out sometime this year. And while we'd love to see the classic actors appear in the 50th Who TV special, we're absolutely thrilled that they'll all be getting together for a thrilling audio adventure.

(via Doctor Who TV)