Check out the International Space Station's radical new roll-up HD viewscreen

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Apr 27, 2015

Nothing spruces up a room like a sparkling-clear HD TV screen, and if your home happens to be the International Space Station, the addition is a serious upgrade from the usual 13-inch laptop displays. 

Delivered by SpaceX on April 14 and developed for NASA by Austin-based Screen Innovations, the astronauts' latest toy and tool (besides the new espresso machine) is a 1080p digital projector and futuristic 65-inch Slate screen that can be rolled, transported and deployed flat under nearly any zero-gravity conditions, even the harsh environment of airlocks.  The technology used by Screen Innovations will allow the viewscreen to operate for 30,000 continuous hours, or 3.4 years, and its picture remains ultra-bright due to an ambient-light rejection projection system, which is handy since the interior lights of the ISS never go dark.  So, whether hosting a marathon Leave It to Beaver session or chatting with loved ones back on Earth, rest assured, the astronauts will be streaming in style.  Over the weekend, Gravity was chosen as their first orbital movie night, sans popcorn.

Here's a product video from Screen Innovations detailing the amazing device:

What would your ultimate double feature in space be?

(Via io9)

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