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Check out Iron Man's futuristic new suits in upcoming series from Dan Slott

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:05 AM EDT (Updated)

Tony Stark returns to the pages of Marvel Comics this summer in a brand-new series from famed Spider-Man writer Dan Slott and artist Valerio Schiti (Marvel 2-in-One #4, Captain America #695). It was announced in January that Slott would be leaving the webslinger behind after many years, so he could take over Iron Man.

 Titled, Tony Stark: Iron Man, the book will replace the Invincible Iron Man, which, until recently, had been written by Brian Michael Bendis who moved over to DC Comics. While not launching until June 20, unveiled some of Schiti's concept art for the run, which includes some swanky, not to mention really cool, futuristic suits that will be worn by Tony. Take a look at some of them below. Anyone else getting a Gundam vibe from the middle one? 


A total of six new Iron Man armor designs were unveiled as well as ones for Stark himself, Bethany Cabe (a supporting character who has been known to be Iron Woman and War Machine in the past), and Jocasta who may or may not be the villain in the first arc of the series. Jocasta's origin in particular is an interesting one as she was meant to be a wife for the insane robot Ultron.

He created her by transferring the mind and personality of his “mother” Janet van Dyne into a robotic body, but the process was interrupted by the Avengers and so, Jocasta only got parts of van Dyne's consciousness. More importantly, she'd go on to reject Ultron, override her "loyalty" settings, and help the Avengers defeat him. Whether or not she will be returned to her evil "factory settings" will be answered this summer. 

The final piece of artwork shows a Stark skyscraper in New York City from the view of Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village (do we detect a possible Doctor Strange cameo?), meaning the action of Slott's book will take place in the Big Apple. 

Take a look at the media gallery below for all of Schiti's concept art and let us know what you think of Stark's new look. 

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