Check out life post-Fraction in new preview for Marvel's All-New Hawkeye relaunch

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Marvel is still figuring out exactly what to do with Clint Barton now that Matt Fraction’s seminal tenure on Hawkeye has come to an end, and here’s our first look at what’s next.

The past few months already gave us a taste for what new creative team Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men) and Ramón Pérez (Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl) would be doing with All-New Hawkeye, and now Marvel has unveiled some preview art and pages from the relaunched version that will hit once Secret Wars finally wraps up.

The new duo already put together a few admirable stories in a couple of pre-Secret Wars issues, and it seems they’ll be keeping the Clint/Kate dynamic in place that Fraction made work so well. But a whole lot is changing (this is supposed to be All New, All Different, after all). Apparently a “deep seeded” rift has developed between the two Hawkeyes, until they’re forced to team up in the future. Yes, this story will apparently feature a fully adult Kate and old-man Clint Barton. 

This could be interesting, and it’s a nice way to differentiate this run from Fraction’s work, but it almost seems like it might be a little too much. Clint Barton has become one of the most popular characters of recent years, and we really hope they don’t try something so radical they mess it up. But we’re cautiously optimistic to see how this all plays out.

Check out the preview pages below and let us know what you think: