Check out this mind-numbing new trailer for Aussie indie sci-fi flick, Restoration

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Sep 19, 2016

Here's an impressive new trailer for a fresh indie sci-fi thriller out of Australia called Restoration. It definitely has its roots in memory-related fare like Total Recall, Inception, Dark City, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but with a glaring gloss of paranoia and existential anxiety. Co-written and directed by Stuart Willis, it's a one-hour feature starring Craig McLachlan, Grant Cartwright, and Stephen Carracher that explores the delicate nature of thoughts and identity in the near future.


Absorb this intriguing official synopsis:

In the near future, a company offers individuals the service of having their memories downloaded “for backup.” So, in the event of death, those memories can be uploaded into a new body. After a routine backup, Oliver Klein wakes to find his memories restored into a body that is not his own. Trapped in a foreign body with its own “muscle memory,” Oliver discovers that he is capable of doing things the original Oliver never could and never would. Oliver must find a way to reconnect with his family and his life, while coming face-to-face with the truth that he is no longer the only Oliver Klein.

Restoration is currently only available for audiences Down Under on its streaming service Stan but hopefully will score a U.S. release soon.

(Via io9)

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