Check out NASA's new, insanely cool, all-electric modular rover

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Apr 15, 2015

Though most of the attention these days is on the potential mission to Mars (someday), the minds at NASA are still working on some extremely cool tech. Want to see the rover of the future?

A team of NASA engineers at Johnson Space Center have created a cutting-edge electric rover dubbed the Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV) prototype. It has dynamic driver feedback, remote control capabilities (so you can have it pick you up!) and four liquid-cooled wheel motors. The craft was developed in partnership with the automobile industry and is capable of some sick maneuvering — which could come in handy while cruising around alien worlds.

The one development that makes this rover unique is that it features four separate wheel modules that can all work independently of one another. Which means, basically, this thing can turn on a dime and cut some wicked angles (and make a killer slide while parallel parking).

The engineering team has released a nifty video of the MRV in action, and that dynamic steering looks extremely cool. Check out the footage below, and take some notes — this might be the car of the future once we make it to Mars.

(Via NASA, The Verge)

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