Check out NECA's new line of action figures featuring Machiko, the first female Predator hunter

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:12 AM EDT (Updated)

John McTiernan's perfect sci-fi flick, Predator, is snuffing out the candles on its big 30th birthday cake this year, and to honor the occasion, NECA is invading the market with a deluxe line of 1/4 scale, 20-inch Predator 30th Anniversary action figures, including Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch character, a human-skinning clan of Predator Hunters and a new Jungle Demon with green glowing eyes.

We showed you the Jungle Demon figure with its hypnotic eyeballs last month, and now NECA has released images of the newest three figures for its companion Series 18 line of posable sci-fi toys based on recurring characters in the Dark Horse Predator comic books.

Hornhead, Broken Tusk and NECA’s only woman Predator, Machiko Noguchi, each have 25-30 points of articulation and come with an alien arsenal of daggers, spears, rifles, pistols, swords and removable masks. Hornhead was first seen in 2016's crossover event, Predator: Life & Death, while Broken Tusk and Machiko appeared in the popular run of Aliens vs Predator books from the 1990s.

Machiko, the first-ever female Predator hunter, was actually a surviving human colonist who was indoctrinated into Hornhead's Yautja tribe after a lengthy initiation ritual. Hornhead and Broken Tusk both measure in at 8” tall, with Machiko standing 6.5” high. All three will be available for purchase in November.

Step carefully toward the new product images below and tell us if you'd love to see this trio of characters in the upcoming The Predator feature.

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