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Check out old man Negan, big kid Judith in new Walking Dead pics from the time jump

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Nov 6, 2018

In the aftermath of Rick’s departure from The Walking Dead, a lot of time has passed in the blink of an eye. That means everything’s changed. Kids are grown, adults are old, and the zombies are talking now (well, kinda). What does that mean for the crew at the show’s ever-evolving center? Well, luckily we have a bevy of new pictures from the rest of the season highlighting some of the changes coming to the land of the undead.

Negan is going gray, still imprisoned, while Judith is walking and talking and shooting and recruiting. Meanwhile, Daryl has adopted some sort of nomadic robes and is fighting a walker while attempting to Moses through a river. We also get to see an older version of Ezekiel, so nice to know the king is still kicking around all these years later.

Just take a look, huh?

Some things never change, however, as much of the returning cast seem to be up to their old ways. And they’re still using horses after all that?

The Walking Dead's sixth episode of Season 9, "Who Are You Now?", airs this Sunday, Nov. 11, on AMC.

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