Check out the oldest existing Superman artwork, about to hit the auction block

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Feb 5, 2014, 11:36 AM EST

Got some spare lottery winnings burning a hole in your pocket? Good news! The oldest original artwork of Superman currently in existence is about to hit the auction block.

Illustrator Fred Guardineer’s original cover art for 1939’s Action Comics #15 is currently up for auction, and experts believe it is the oldest original drawing ever to feature the Man of Steel. Talk about a legit piece of comic history.

The Golden Age cover art features Supes underwater, holding up a submarine, as fish swim by and the pilot looks on in amazement. It bears a similar vibe to the cover of Action Comics #1, but instead of a car, he’s holding up the sub. 

Not surprisingly, the sketch will likely exceed the budget of your average comic-book fan. The price is already over $70,000, which explains why Heritage Auctions senior vice president Ed Jaster described the piece as “a blockbuster piece of early American comic art history and a fitting companion to the landmark finds in this auction.” Yeah, we agree. Also, we're jealous.

If you happen to be independently wealthy, bidding is open until Feb. 20, so take your best shot right here. For the rest of us? Check out a scan below.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)