Check out the opening scene of new Batman animated film Assault on Arkham

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Jul 15, 2014

We won't get a new live-action Batman adventure for more than a year, but we're getting a new animated Batman adventure in less than a month.

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have many, many Batman events planned for San Diego Comic-Con this year, in celebration of the character's 75th anniversary, and among them is the world premiere (on Friday, July 25) of a brand-new animated movie starring the Dark Knight and set in the same universe as the blockbuster Arkham series of videogames: Batman: Assault on Arkham.

Featuring the "voice of Batman" Kevin Conroy returning to play the Caped Crusader once again, Assault on Arkham follows what happens when Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad launch a mission to break into Arkham Asylum in an effort to get top secret information in the possession of the Riddler. Things go awry when Suicide Squad member Harley Quinn decides to free the Joker from Arkham, and the Clown Prince of Crime hatches a plan to blow up the asylum, and the rest of Gotham City with it. Caught among several villains, Batman must find a way to stop both the Suicide Squad and the Joker's scheme.

In the clip below, which features the first minute and a half of the film, we see a conversation between Waller (voiced by C.C.H. Pounder) and Riddler (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubbler). Riddler's up to his usual tricks, but Waller's got a trick of her own to pull on the supervillain. Unfortunately, we don't see Batman in this clip ... but we do hear him. Check it out:

Batman: Assault on Arkham will be released on Digital HD on July 29, and on Blu-ray on Aug. 12.

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