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Dec 15, 2012

So how's your favorite genre show doing now that the full fall genre show lineup is in place? This week Grimm premiered to strong numbers (even with the World Series in its way) and Chuck kicked off its fifth season to ... well ... not-so-strong numbers.

Plus The Walking Dead continues to rule Sunday nights, Once Upon a Time stays strong, and American Horror Story's numbers spike. Check out the chart above and the analysis below to compare the Live + Same numbers.


Terra Nova (FOX) Bumped by the World Series

Terra Nova skipped a week to let the Rangers and the Cardinals duke it out in Game 5 Monday, but the show is looking up. Last week it climbed back to nearly 8 million viewers, and with baseball out of its way it could even stand to gain a few more.


American Horror Story (FX) 2.96 million viewers/1.7

It's been a big few days all around for American Horror Story. They were renewed for a second season (on Halloween, no less), and their fourth episode Wednesday achieved the highest demo rating of the series so far, and the highest viewership of any episode since the series premiere. It might just be the Halloween atmosphere, but this show has topped South Park two weeks in a row, so it seems hard to blame it on the ghosts.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 14.54 million viewers/4.6/13 share

A Thursday show finally managed to top The Big Bang Theory this week. Game 6 of the World Series easily won the night with more than 21 million viewers, but even in second place the powerhouse sitcom barely lost any steam, dropping only 3/10 of a ratings point and about 150,000 viewers.

Person of Interest (CBS)
11.62 million viewers/2.7/6 share

Here's another show that likely fell victim a little to the World Series. Person of Interest took in its second-lowest viewership of the season in its sixth week (its lowest was week three, with 11.46 million viewers) and lost one share point, but still managed to hold on to the 2.7 rating it's now maintained for three consecutive weeks. It's also still winning its timeslot in terms of viewers (excluding the World Series, that is), though it's losing the demo battle to Grey's Anatomy. But hey, CBS can't always have it all.

The Vampire Diaries (CW)
3.28 million viewers/1.5/4 share

Thursday was a season high night for The Vampire Diaries. It topped 3 million viewers for the first time this year and earned the highest rating of its third season so far. It seems like this show might be getting back on track.

The Secret Circle (CW)
2.3 million viewers/0.9/2 share

Things are looking up for The Secret Circle as well, but not all that much. It took in the most viewers since its premiere, but its premiere numbers topped 3 million, so in the end it still could be called a disappointment. It's holding steady both in ratings and in share these days, which could be a sign of a stable audience, but considering that it hasn't topped one whole ratings point since its first episode, there could be cause for concern.


A Gifted Man (CBS)

The supernatural medical drama took a break from new episodes this week, and its future remains just a bit uncertain. It's doing well in general viewership numbers, but its demo numbers aren't exactly up to snuff, and when you compare it to the other CBS shows on the night, it's definitely not as impressive.

Chuck (NBC)
3.42 million viewers/1.0/3 share

Chuck's audience has gotten smaller with each passing year, but Game 7 of the World Series Friday ensured the show got its lowest-rated season premiere by far, a full 2 million viewers off the debut of its fourth season last year. It's also shifting from Monday to Friday, which has a generally smaller TV audience anyway, but we'll have to wait a week or two to really be sure how the show's final season will fare.

Fringe (FOX)
Bumped by World Series

Fringe took its second week in a row off to make way for Game 7 Friday, which could affect (one way or another) how many people watch its return. The show is among the more embattled broadcast shows these days, but it's still holding on to more than 3 million viewers each week. We'll have to see how it fares as we head into November sweeps.

Grimm (NBC)
6.56 million viewers/2.1/6 share

Considering that it faced off against the biggest baseball game of the year, Grimm premiered quite strong, and actually managed to be the second highest rated show of the night, losing out only to the World Series. Not a bad debut at all for the fairy-tale-inspired drama, but we'll see how many returning (and new) viewers it picks up with episode two.

Supernatural (CW)
1.74 million viewers/0.7/2 share

Supernatural was the least-watched broadcast show Friday night, just barely losing out to another CW series, Nikita. It's still holding steady in both its rating and share numbers, though, which aren't exactly dismal by CW standards, but even if it is on the smallest network, Supernatural could be treading on unsteady ground.

Clone Wars (TOON)
1.77 million viewers/0.5

Clone Wars returned from a week's break to a slight numbers spike, picking up 100,000 more viewers from its episode-five numbers and turning in a very respectable Friday night cable showing.

Sanctuary (Syfy)
1.2 million viewers/0.3

Sanctuary dropped 2/10 of a ratings point and about a quarter of a million viewers from its week-three numbers. But on this particular Friday night, with that baseball game drawing viewers from everything, nothing was very certain. We'll have to wait a week to know for sure if the decline actually means something.


The Walking Dead (AMC) 6.09 million viewers/3.1

The Walking Dead has dropped about a million viewers from its season-premiere numbers two weeks ago, but it remains the most-watched Sunday night program on cable by a large margin, and it holds the 18-49 ratings lead by nearly two whole points. A few curious viewers may have bowed out at this point (or just decided to watch it later), but AMC's zombies continue to rule Sunday nights.

Once Upon A Time (ABC)
11.65 million viewers/3.9/9 share

The fairy-tale drama managed to hold on to a hefty percentage of its series premiere audience in its second week, and held steady in its demo rating. It lost just over a million viewers, but it still wound up the most-watched scripted show on Sunday night. More good news for ABC.