Check out our exclusive 5-page Federal Bureau of Physics preview

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Dec 9, 2013, 2:44 PM EST

When there's something strange, and it don't look within the laws of physics -- who you gonna call?

If you're a Vertigo comics fan, you're probably already familiar with the Simon Oliver-written, Robbi Rodriguez-drawn Federal Bureau of Physics. But in case you're not, here's the quick rundown.

FBP is a procedural comic weaving the tale of Adam Hardy and the rest of the agents in the Federal Bureau of Physics, an organization designed to deal with events that defy the laws of physics and our understanding of the universe. These events, naturally, are becoming increasingly common.

So, basically, if you were a Fringe fan, this is the comic for you.

We've got the cover for the next issue, #6, due out this Wednesday, Dec. 11. If you're already on board, enjoy the preview. If it's new to you, take a look anyway. It might compel you to go online (or down to your local brick and mortar) and check out the first issue.