Check out our first glimpse at Pied Piper's TV look on The Flash

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Nov 5, 2014

Pied Piper is the latest Rogue to head to The Flash, and we just got a peek at his costume.

Last month, we heard that Pied Piper -- a supervillain who uses sonic weaponry and has often served as an ally to Barry Allen and his Flash successor, Wally West -- would be heading to the small screen on the first season of The Flash, joining a villainous roster that already includes Weather Wizard, Multiplex, Mist, Captain Cold, Heatwave and (eventually) Reverse-Flash. 

Played by Andy Mientus (Smash), this version of Pied Piper (real name Hartley Rathaway) is a former STAR Labs employee who lost his hearing in the particle accelerator accident that gave Barry Allen his powers. Driven to get revenge on former mentor and STAR Labs boss Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Rathaway develops his sonic weaponry and sets out to destroy the Flash. The comic-book version of Pied Piper is also one of the few openly gay supervillains in DC Comics, and according to TV Line, the small-screen version of the character will maintain that. 

Pied Piper is set to appear in the 11th and 12th episodes of season one, so we won't see him in full action for a while. Some eager visitors to The Flash set in Vancouver did manage to snag a couple of photos and videos of the character in action, though. Check out the TV Pied Piper's look:

Well, there's not nearly as much green as the comic-book costume features. In fact, there's no green at all, but that seems to be in keeping with The Flash's overall supervillain aesthetic so far. At least Pied Piper still gets to have a hood on TV. I kinda miss the cape, though. 

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7C on The CW.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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