Check out this revealing, 25-year-old interview with Batman producer Jon Peters

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Nov 24, 2014

Though we know it’s a classic now, Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film was one heck of a gamble at the time. So, what’d the film’s producer think of the film’s potential legacy in the year of its release?

Veteran filmmaker Jon Peters, who produced a slew of films in the 1980s, also had a hand in Burton’s seminal Batman film. A vintage interview with Peters conducted in 1989 has surfaced, offering up some revealing insights into the film a full 25 years later.

Throughout the 23+ minute interview, Peters touches on everything from Jack Nicholson’s Joker (“We had to be careful you didn’t like him too much”) to taking the source material seriously, Bob Kane’s involvement in the film’s development, original plans for a trilogy (Robin was supposed to arrive in film two), the casting of Michael Keaton and the future (circa 1989) of the comic-book-movie genre.

It’s a fascinating interview, and an awesome window into the development of a film that would influence the genre for decades to come:

(Via Eyes on Cinema)

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