Check out sexy Lord of the Rings dress made out of Middle-earth map

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Feb 22, 2013, 11:11 AM EST

Middle-earth has never looked so sharp!

The geek-chic gurus over at Black Milk Clothing have created a slinky new dress with a full map of Middle-earth on it. Considering how small that dress is, it’s a miracle they were able to fit in so much detail. From the Shire and beyond, all your favorite sites are here.

Here’s the description of the outfit:

Why wear a map of Middle Earth? Well, you'll never again get lost on your way home from the Forsaken Inn and wind up in Dol Guldur having to ask directions from someone who calls himself The Necromancer. That was a bad night filled with poor choices.

So geek ladies—would you rock this Tolkien-inspired piece?

(Via Geek Alerts)