Check out the first four minutes of The Walking Dead's winter premiere

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:21 AM EDT (Updated)

It's been nearly three months since we've seen a new episode of The Walking Dead, and as usual, the show's midseason finale left us wanting more. Now, we're just days away from the 2016 premiere, and AMC is teasing us even more with a the pulse-pounding first four minutes of "No Way Out."


When we last left the show, pretty much everyone was in a bad spot, and Walking Dead fans collectively went nuts when a teaser for the show's return revealed our first look at the Saviors and the first mention of Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is set to show up on the series as the notorious villain very soon, and we can expect him to leave plenty of carnage in his wake. For now, though, we're getting to know his henchmen a little bit.

The clip below focuses, like the teaser from way back in November, on Daryl, Sasha and Abraham after they run into a Savior roadblock. They're told, quite matter-of-factly by one Savior (played wonderfully by Christopher Berry), that everything they have belongs to Negan. Now we get to see a little more of how that scene plays out. Naturally, our three heroes know that they're outnumbered, but they're also curious. The Saviors, on the other hand, aren't here for questions. It's a great scene that really plays with the tension of the moment, leading right up to ... well, just watch.


We have to wait until Sunday to see how the rest of the scene plays out, but it certainly seems like someone's about to catch a bullet.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday at 9/8C on AMC. Plus, check out some new photos from the remaining Season 6 episodes (via EW) in the gallery below.

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