Check out the insane detail that went into designing Guardians of the Galaxy's alien tech

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:26 AM EDT (Updated)

Marvel’s latest hit was an awesome film, but you might not have noticed the insane amount of precise detail that went into building its believable alien world.

Yes, Rocket, Groot and the rest of the gang were great — but it's the little things that really made the movie live and breathe. Among them? The tiny technological flourishes provided by effects house Territory Studio, which modeled out everything from that iconic prison scene to the 3D panels and UI stuff in Quill’s ship, the Milano.

Filmmakers have been tasked with showing off GUI technology in films for decades now, oftentimes with mixed results. But when it hits just right (see: Minority Report) it can positively define the look and feel of a movie. As we look back on all the flourishes in Guardians, we think it might just prove to be the same.

With the film still knocking it out at the box office, Territory Studio has released a nifty effects breakdown to show how they created that certain brand of Marvel Cinematic Universe alien tech. We absolutely want to live in this world.

(Via The Creators Project)