Check out the leaked, info-filled visitor's guide to Jurassic World

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Jul 14, 2014

They’re deep into production on the long-awaited Jurassic Park sequel, and now the on-set visitor's guide for Jurassic World has been leaked online. Want to see?

Director Colin Trevorrow apparently needed several extras over the past few weeks, and those lucky enough to get a background role in the film were given a visitor’s-guide movie prop as a keepsake. It’s loaded with intel on the park, and after giving it a read, we really wish this place were real. You know, as long as the dinos stayed behind the fences.

The key piece of art is a map of the new and improved Isla Nublar, though the guide also features breakdowns of the “Park Highlights,” including a gentle giants petting zoo, a T-Rex kingdom (with feedings every two hours!) and a jungle trek.

Of course, there’s also a nice “ Do not tap on the glass warning” tacked on to the bottom. Definitely good advice when visiting Jurassic Park. We all know what happens when you touch the glass ...

The sequel opens June 12, 2015. Until then, check out the leaked pics below.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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