Check out these alternate Iron Man 3 storyboards for Ellen Brandt's death

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Dec 31, 2014, 5:31 PM EST (Updated)

Screenplays go through myriad adjustments and revisions on their path to the silver screen, with many cinematic cooks trying to spoil or spice up the broth.  In Shane Black's Iron Man 3, Tony Stark first encounters baddie Ellen Brandt in the Tennessee bar where he meets the mother of human bomb guinea pig Chad Davis.   Brandt impersonates a Homeland Security agent, then reveals her sizzling genetically altered abilities and the melee begins, ending in the diner next door, where Stark sticks Davis' dogtags in a microwave and sets off an explosion, killing the lava-faced Brandt.

This alternate version of the battle between Stark and Brandt starts outside the diner with "Hot Stuff" firing her pistol until empty, then melting the metal down to a fiery snowball via her Extremis superpowers and chucking it toward Stark.  It misses but rockets through several cars en route to collision with a high-voltage transformer.  Power lines spark, setting off a chain reaction as the live wires land on Brandt. Stark anticipates a mega-explosion in his future and hurls himself down a snowy embankment as the blast lights up the night and kills Brandt.

Have a look at artist Darren Denlinger's dynamic storyboards below and see if it makes the cut.

While ultimately delivering the same plot results, this second take on the fight seems a bit more organic than the overdone microwave finale.  How do you like this scrapped scene of Brandt's demise?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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