Check out these stunning unused posters created by Gravity's FX team

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:25 AM EDT (Updated)

Sure, the final Gravity poster we saw plastered all over the place was pretty awesome, but it could’ve looked different — and believe it or not, these unused designs are just as cool, if not cooler.

The posters were designed by Framestore, the same design firm that put together the official poster that shows Sandra Bullock’s astronaut getting blown back in Earth orbit. They also did quite a bit of the film’s FX work, so they definitely know their way around Alfonso Cuaron’s award-winner.

These unused poster designs all have the same vibe as the final one, but they put some nice twists on the angle and backdrop. Some of these are extremely cool, and we’re psyched to see some of these deep cuts get a second lease on life.

(Via Framestore Blog, io9)