Check out these unseen Michael Keaton concept models for Burton's Batman 3

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:50 AM EDT (Updated)

Tim Burton's Batman 3 sadly and eventually morphed into Joel Schumacher's bombastic Batman Forever, but we've never really seen much concept art for Burton's imaginings for the new Batsuit.  Here's a series of preproduction concept images showing three artist's renderings of a potential costume makeover for Michael Keaton to slip into and again become the Caped Crusader.

The mock-ups were sculpted by Jose Fernandez, the artist responsible for Catwoman's erotic cowl in Batman Returns and Robin's Nightwingy costume in Batman and Robin.  With nods to the super-cool Panther and Sonar hybrids, these photos reveal a toned-down, stylized suit and cape with different utility belts and the iconic yellow oval Bat-symbol emblazoned on the chest. The light gray color on the statue indicates only the bare material used in the modeling process and not the final color.  

While no exact date is determined on these images, it's reasonable to assume they were shot shortly after Burton left Batman Forever in 1993, with Michael Keaton still attached to star.  

How do you like the angular, futuristic take on Batman's iconic outfit?

(Via Den Of Geek)