Check out this joyous jumble of 15 Joker variant covers for DC's June lineup

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Jan 17, 2020, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

The Joker invades DC Comics this coming June to help celebrate his 75th anniversary with an explosion of 25 Joker-centric variant covers across flagship titles like Aquaman, Batman/Superman, Green Lantern, Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Teen Titans. 

June's Joker variant theme celebrates the outlandish insanity and devious delight of what is perhaps DC's most notorious villain, first introduced in April of 1940 in Batman #1 and created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane.  Here the Harlequin of Hate infiltrates the comic-book covers of his main archenemy, Batman, plus many of his most accomplished adversaries, with a sizzling bomb in one gloved hand and a blunt bludgeoning tool in the other -- but always with a sinister smile on his lips.

Deal yourself into this horrific hand of 15 Joker variants below and tell us if any tickle your funny bone.

(Via Newsarama)