Check out this new Xenomorph Mr. Potato Head and Alien nesting dolls

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:14 AM EDT (Updated)

In space, no one can hear you scream play with this new Xenomorph Mr. Potato Head or these cool Alien nesting dolls.

First things first. PPW Toys has an Alien Xenomorph/Mr. Potato Head mash-up toy up available for pre-order on their website. The neat little thing (reasonably priced, I might add) is going to be available on June 1, just a few short weeks after the premiere of Alien: Covenant on May 19. Here’s an official description of the Alien Mr. Potato Head PopTater:

Horrifying meets cute in this mash-up as Mr. Potato Head pays tribute one of the most iconic and terrifying film series in history: Alien. As the titular character, “The Alien”, this amazing collectible toy stands 6" tall and includes all the exoskeletal details of the nightmare creature, including the classic "two mouths” and spiked tail!

Then there are those adorable Alien nesting dolls that represent iconic scenes and characters from director Ridley Scott’s original 1979 Alien movie. One features Ripley with Jones (the cat) and the other depicts the famous Chestburster scene from the movie. The dolls will be available on August 16. Check out the description:

Introducing the Alien Wood Nesting Dolls Set. The first in our Artist-Series of Nesting Dolls being released by PPW Toys, featuring the artwork of Andrew Stattmiller. Five dolls are included in the line-up representing characters and iconic scenes from the classic 1979 film Alien. From smallest to largest the dolls come complete with an egg, a face-hugger, chest-burster, Ripley and finally the fully-grown Xenomorph. Made of real wood, this set is a must-have for collectors and fans!

Dig into the gallery below, and let us know if you plan on getting one or both toys.

(via Bloody Disgusting)

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