Check out this sweet set of 16 Star Wars graffiti spray can blister packs

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Star Wars merchandise crosses every marketing frontier imaginable.  Now, courtesy of artist and animated character designer Phil Postma, we've got a fake Kenner line of street art Star Wars characters on blister cards, complete with an R2-D2 mini-can in complementary colors to shoot on unsuspecting urban walls.  We can just see this whole set brightly placed on pegboards in your friendly local hobby shop or art supply house. 

Check out the entire galactic gang in blazing graffiti form with 16 perfect paints in shades of Darth Maul Red, Skywalker Yellow, Vader Black, Yoda Green, Lobot Orange, IG-88 Silver and Princess White.  Hit the streets, but stay away from our house!

(Via Nerd Approved)