Check out the trailer for this epic live-action Legend of Zelda fan film

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Mar 6, 2015, 11:34 AM EST

This epic Legend of Zelda live-action teaser trailer may not be Netflix's upcoming Zelda series, but darnit if this awesome fan film is not whetting our appetite to see the adventures of everyone’s fave Nintendo videogame Elven hero, Link.

The new video from Player Piano and The Zelda Project may be short on plot (basically, there is none), and big on horse-running, but we get to see our hero ride to Castletown in order to engage in a final battle with Ganondorf. The special effects look pretty amazing -- so much so that we’re actually looking forward to this fan-made movie. Also, it’ll sure tide us over nicely while we wait for that Zelda Netflix series, set to be a “family-friendly take on Game of Thrones.” Yep. Do ponder that for a sec. 

Have a look at the awesome Legend of Zelda teaser trailer:

What do you think of this live-action, fan-made Legend of Zelda teaser trailer?

(via The Daily Dot)