Check out this weirdly awesome Star Trek 2 cameo you totally missed

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Nov 15, 2013

Fans have been nitpicking a lot of details about J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, but there was one cameo that even the most keen-eyed viewer probably missed.

Heather Langenkamp, best known for playing Nancy Thompson in the early Nightmare on Elm Street flicks in the 1980s, apparently had a small role in the latest Trek film. But you probably didn’t see her.

Langenkamp played the alien Moto, an officer on the Enterprise shown in the pic below, and spent her entire time on the series behind a full face of prosthetics. So how did this weird bit of Trek/horror trivia come about? 

The actress co-founded AFX Studios with her husband, and has spent the past decades cranking out wicked cool effects for flicks like Cabin in the Woods, Dawn of the Dead and yes… Star Trek Into Darkness. But the alien mask was designed as a spec project by a recently departed artist, so they pushed to get the costume on screen. The result? This nifty little cameo.

Here’s how Langenkamp recapped the story to StarTrek.com:

“The makeup that I wear is actually a very special design that we’d developed in our studio. There was no movie that it was for, originally. A sculptor had come up with these designs. It was kind of a spec project and it ended up sitting on the shelf for many years. The sculptor actually passed away from a tragic bout with cancer. So we were even more determined to get this makeup on-screen and we said, “If it ever gets on-screen we’ll call the character Moto,” because that was the name of the sculptor. His name was Moto.”

So what do you think about this intriguing bit of Trek lore? Did you spot her on screen?


(Via Movies.com)

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