1st look at Chris Hemsworth's new armor on the set of The Dark World

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Dec 17, 2012

Yesterday we saw the set of Thor: The Dark World erupt in battle as Jaimie Alexander's Lady Sif went to work. Now The God of Thunder himself is ready for war, and he's got some new duds.

Nothing's been radically changed for the Thor sequel, but when Chris Hemsworth arrived on set yesterday, he was definitely sporting a new and improved armor. To get a clear idea of what's changed, let's first take a look at this shot of Hemsworth in full armor from The Avengers.

Now, check out this full-body shot of Hemsworth in the armor from the set yesterday.

So what's different? For starters, the cape fasteners are less elaborate, allowing more of the cape to come over the shoulders. The design of the armor vest has also been slightly changed to take out some of the curved lines. The six circles metal circles down the front of the vest seem to be a deeper gold color, and new leg plates have been added, including new plates over the knees. There's also a new hanging plate in the front. He still looks like the same old Thor, but there's definitely more going on with this armor.

What do you think? Good changes? Take a look at a few more images, including Thor in battle alongside Sif, and tell us what you think!

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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