Check out Nikola Tesla's super creepy death mask

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

If we asked you to imagine what genius inventor Nikola Tesla looked like, what would come to mind? Guess it all depends on whether you're more into sci-fi movies or TV.

If you're into sci-fi movies, it might be the face of David Bowie, looking all distinguished as the eccentric electrical engineer in the 2006 film The Prestige. Or if you're more into TV, you might picture the handsome Jonathon Young, who brings Tesla to life (of a sort) on Syfy's Sanctuary.

What probably wouldn't come to mind is the super creepy death mask above, currently on display at Nikola Tesla museum in Belgrade, Serbia.

Yeah, we know Tesla's efforts to change the world came to a bad end. But still, it's kind of sad. And we'd much rather think of him going out looking like one of these two guys below.

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