Check out Stan Lee's ORIGINAL Avengers cameo in new deleted scene

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Stan Lee has a long history of comic book movie cameos, and it turns out the one that made the cut in The Avengers wasn't what the director originally had in mind. Want to see Stan Lee's first cameo that died on the cutting room floor?

With The Avengers set to hit DVD and Blu-ray in less than a month on Sept. 25, Disney and Marvel are trying to ratchet up the anticipation by leaking out several of the scenes cut from the original version.

One of those scenes focuses on Captain America (Chris Evans) and his struggles to fit into the world he never asked to be a part of. Much of the scene is set at a cafe, and wait, who's that old guy making a snarky comment behind him? It's Stan Lee!

This scene is actually pretty funny, and arguably just as good as the news footage snippet cameo that made the theatrical cut of the film (though his line in the final version is better).

In addition to the cameo, we also get some quiet time with Cap, which is a nice addition to the film, but it makes sense why it was cut—the movie already did a good job of establishing that he doesn't really fit in, and these scenes don't add that much more emotional weight to the point.

Check it out below and judge for yourself:

(Via /Film)