Check out the dad Darth Vader could have been in cute kids' book

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Kevin Hall
Dec 17, 2012

What would happen if Darth Vader played an active role in raising (SPOILER!)his son, Luke Skywalker? Apparently some pretty adorable situations would arise, as shown in Darth Vader and Son, an upcoming Star Wars children's book by Jeffrey Brown. Get a peek inside the title right here, courtesy of Chronicle Books.

No bones about it, this is one hell of a charming book. Vader is a surprisingly patient parent who plays off Luke's childish wonder really well. Every page—Darth Vader and Son is a series of one-off vignettes—is steeped in fan service, whether it's a cameo in some form by the characters we all know and love, or a clever and subtle joke that pokes fun at the familiar Star Wars universe.

It's a perfect book to get kids into Star Wars and geekery on the early side, or even just a coffee-table topper for home with nary a child in sight. See below for some sample pages from Darth Vader and Son. Appropriately, the 64-page hardback comes out on May the 4th for $15.

(Chronicle Books via DVICE)