Watch the freaky spec trailer that nabbed a six-figure movie deal

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Dec 15, 2012

Getting a movie deal isn't easy, so it helps if you've got a little something extra to spice up your presentation. Take the writers and producers of the spec horror script Grim Night, who used an eerie low-budget trailer to win a movie deal with Universal Pictures.

The script—written by Allen Bey and Brandon Bestenheider—is about a single night of the year when Grim Reapers walk the earth and collect fresh souls. The trailer was assembled by producers Bryan Bertino (writer/director of The Strangers), Adrienne Biddle (Plastic Jesus) and Marc Platt (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), and worked so well that Universal picked the movie up for a price in the high six figures after a bidding war.

The concept might sound a little weird until you've taken in the trailer, since we know Grim Reapers as those things that come to collect the soul of someone who died, not someone who isn't dead yet. But then you see the trailer, and you realize that something is clearly very wrong. It's like death is out of control.

The trailer itself (which very much looks like it was shot by Bertino, though no one has credit in the clip) features no actors, eerie figures in shrouds, news clips to amp up your fear level and a series of warning signs that the reapers are coming again after killing thousands last year.

Check it out and see if you're as excited for this flick as we are.

(via Collider)

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