Check out The Hobbit's Evangeline Lilly attempt at talking Elvish

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012

Lost alum Evangeline Lilly broke out some elvish at the premiere of Real Steel. The actress is currently filming Peter Jackson's The Hobbit where she plays a Woodland Elf named Tauriel. During a red carpet interview she showed off her new Hobbit skills and warned fans that you'll either love or hate her character. Dun! Dun! Dun!

Lilly has spoken in the past about her fears and insecurities regarding her Hobbit role. Like any sane person walking into Tolkien's world, she's afraid that her character will be seen as "the black mark on the film." The Hobbit isn't exactly a women-friendly story nor is her character anywhere in the book.

Fans will "either love her or absolutely despise and be bitter towards her," Lilly said. "Although I believe she is truly authentic, because Tolkien refers to the Woodland Elves, he just doesn't talk about who they are specifically. All those people ... they know that world so well, that they're not going to create a character that isn't true to Tolkien's world."

So how true to the world will Tauriel be? According to Lily, she's been working with a "dialect coach, motion coach, language coach and stunt coach" to get her character down to a science. During her interview for Access Hollywood, she burst out with some key elvish phrases that translate to "Come now" and "The cells are empty." Who's in the cell? Did someone escape?

Check out Lilly's elvish speak below:

What do you think? Can she hang in The Hobbit world?

(via First Showing)

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