Check out the stomach-churning trailer for NSFW Dutch zombie comedy

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Dec 16, 2012

As much as we love zombie drama, we'd go crazy if we didn't get to laugh at the walking dead now and then. That's why we love stuff like this, the bloody, definitely NSFW trailer for the new Dutch zombie comedy Zombibi. Prepare yourself for green guts, machine guns, badass hottie cops and zombie grannies!

The premise is simple enough. Two friends get in a fight with two other friends at a party, and all four of them go to jail. While they're there, a meteor hits Amsterdam and infects everybody in the Netherlands with a mysterious virus. When they head outside, the first thing they see is a granny on a motorized scooter out to eat their flesh. Enter the hot blond cop who threw them in the slammer to perform a rescue via shotgun blast.

From there it looks like it just spirals into pure, hilarious zombie mayhem. We've got kills by shotgun, machine gun, crossbow and even desktop fan. We've got green (yes, green) blood and guts flying everywhere, tops of heads disintegrating amid a hail of bullets. And of course, a massive explosion to cap it all off.

Check out all the undead awesome for yourself. If the rest of the flick is anything like this trailer, this might be the greatest zombie laughfest since Peter Jackson's Dead Alive.

(via Twitch)

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