Check out why Haven creators say that 'X-Files is our mothership'

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Dec 17, 2012

Haven's back tonight and SOME of our burning questions will be answered, promise the creators of the Syfy series. In the season three premiere at 10/9C, we'll find out what happened to the kidnapped Audrey, if Duke and Nathan will kill each other and whether or not there are aliens in Haven. ... Yes! Aliens!

"It was actually a crazy idea by Gabrielle Stanton who came up with it, one of our writers. But she had this crazy idea of, how do we get aliens into the show?" said co-creator and executive producer Sam Ernst, who with fellow co-creator and executive producer Jim Dunn gave an exclusive interview to Blastr. "And the funny thing is that that is sort of classic for us where we then say, 'Well, that's not the show. How do we make it the show?' And that was a lot of fun."

Beyond whether or not we'll see actual aliens on Haven tonight, the premiere, "301," will kick off a season that delves deeply into the show's mythology and which will be creepier, darker and more Stephen King-like, said the producers. The series was inspired by King's The Colorado Kid.

"One of the things that happened this year is we were given much freer reign to get into the serialized elements of the show this season. Which was nice. Because we had been able to address a lot of that stuff only in small pieces. It's been very controlled in the past. We've also built up a lot of unanswered questions. This season we really dig in and answer a lot of questions that people, I'm sure, have been wondering from the first two years," said Dunn.

"We've always sort of said that X-Files is our mothership and we're getting close to that this year than we ever had," said Ernst. "The crazy thing is X-Files had a huge mythology but it really doled it out in small doses." And it also had a little something to do with aliens.

This season some of Haven's doses will involve finding out more about who Audrey really is, as well as who the Colorado Kid is.

"And why he's important. And why he died," Ernst teased.

"We've always had a road map for the series, because we always knew the last scene of the series and what the secrets of everybody are and what's really going on," said Dunn.

According to the producers, viewers who pay close attention to the small details will be rewarded.

"This season more than any other season, small moments, small lines, small things that don't seem important — and I said this a couple of times and it just continues to be more and more true — I mean, we repeat dialogue to show certain things. We just had a scene in the finale where I repeated a line of dialogue written by Matt McGuinness in the finale last year. And it was always just a weird line of dialogue, and so I put it back in to signify something. And it worked, because that's the kind of show we are. It makes our head hurt, but it can really work," said Ernst.

This season Haven brings in several new recurring characters, including Dorian Missick (The Cape), Kate Kelton (American Psycho 2) and Bree Williamson (Mutant X). Also we'll see more of WWE Superstar Edge, aka Adam Copelan, who returns to Haven in a bigger capacity as Dwight Hendrickson, the town's "Cleaner."

Claudia Black (Uncharted video game series, Farscape) will guest star in a two-parter. "We've made her into an extremely NOT Claudia Black kind of role, where she plays the less desirable twin sister," said Ernst. Other season three guest stars include Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) and Nolan North (Uncharted video game series).

Here's a preview of the upcoming season:

Are you ready for aliens in Haven?