Cheese-tastic trailer reveals greatest '80s sci-fi flick that never was

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Dec 27, 2013, 10:48 AM EST

Adolf Hitler is the deadliest kung-fu master of them all, and only a time-traveling Miami cop and his Viking friend can stop him!

In hindsight, the '80s were a strange time, even if you lived through them. But the nice thing about that awkward decade was that, no matter how bizarre an idea for a TV show or movie was, it often still got a fair shake. And while that may have yielded a mixed result, it was usually pretty fun.

And in the spirit of that comes the indie film Kung Fury, which perfectly combines some of our favorite elements of '80s storytelling. The tale revolves around the titular Kung Fury, a no-holds-barred Miami cop with a kung-fu grip. Fury's partner was killed by an elderly Adolf Hitler (you didn't really think he was dead, did you?), so Kung decides to travel back in time to kill the Fuhrer.

Except he travels too far, and that's when things really get interesting. Check out the first trailer, because it's the amazing visuals that really sell the off-the-wall story.

Director and star David Sandberg fronted the cash for preliminary filming and effects, but in order to finish out this 30-minute epic, he's taken the flick to Kickstarter. He's looking for $200k, and he's already more than halfway there. We think it might be worth your time to throw a few shekels at this project. Otherwise, Hitler might come for your partner next and there'll be no Kung Fury there to help you!

(via Uproxx)