Wonder Woman #46 Cover Variant
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Wonder Woman #46 Cover Variant by Jenny Frison

Cheetah prowls the pages of our exclusive first look at Wonder Woman #46

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:03 AM EDT (Updated)

For the last year, twice-monthly since Issue #31, James Robinson has been the writer steering Wonder Woman. He's done some interesting things too, including trying to develop the children of Zeus and establish Diana's twin brother Jason, in order to give her a greater sense of family. To antagonize Wonder Woman, Robinson threw Grail and her father, Darkseid, at her, along with hordes of Parademons.

That brings readers to "The Dark Gods," Robinson's last story arc, as the series nears its 50th issue of the Rebirth run. It will incorporate the fallout of Dark Nights: Metal as Wonder Woman becomes the center of the plans of some of the dark forces emerging from the Dark Multiverse. This story arc could also tie into the "Justice League: No Justice" event, which will produce three monthly Justice League titles, including Justice League Dark, which Wonder Woman will lead.

Featuring art by Steven Segovia and Romulo Fajardo Jr., our exclusive preview of Wonder Woman #46 introduces Part 1 of "The Dark Gods" storyline. Those cosmic events haven't reached Earth quite yet, but Diana must contend with the Cheetah (who Kristin Wiig is playing in the next Wonder Woman film) looking to get revenge at the woman she holds responsible for her transformation.

Wonder Woman #46 will be available tomorrow at a comics store near you!