Chekov recruits his crew in edgy new Star Trek: Renegades teaser

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Jul 4, 2015, 12:25 PM EDT

Get ready to see the second trailer for the new Trek web series now filming from Walter Koenig and Star Trek: Voyager's Tim Russ. The Kickstarter project promises to boldly go where no Trek has gone before. Learn how you can help them make it so.

Renegades is the followup project to Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, the unofficial, independent fan film released in 2008 after considerable delay. Like OGAM, Renegades will be directed by Tim Russ, who will reprise his role as the Vulcan Tuvok. Koenig returns as the war-weary Adm. Chekov and acts as series executive producer.

According to the Renegades website, Koenig and Russ feel the true home of Star Trek is as a continuing episodic series. The professionally produced TV pilot is part of a big Kickstarter campaign to get the show online as a webseries. A crowdsourcing funding component will be announced soon at the official site here.

Renegades is aiming to be bold, edgy and a little dark, featuring a combination of familiar Star Trek faces and new rising actors. Also signed on to the cast are Gary Graham (Alien Nation; Soval, Enterprise), Garrett Wang (Harry Kim, Voyager), Manu Intiraymi (Icheb, Voyager) and Richard Herd (Adm. Paris, Voyager).

Check out the battle-scarred admiral's call to action!

Per the creative team, Renegades will be a departure from previous Treks—"delving into the dark side of the human psyche, pushing our heroes to their limits, forcing them to carry out actions that they never would have as Starfleet officers. The rules have changed, and they realize they might be the last hope to save the Federation. It will be action oriented, filled with suspense and espionage; all while exploring new worlds, encountering both familiar and new alien species, and boldly going where no Trek has gone before."

What do you think? Will this new project really fly or be stuck in spacedock?

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