Cherry pie will save your life on Part 11 of Twin Peaks: The Return

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:19 AM EDT (Updated)

This week on Twin Peaks, we glimpsed another world, learned a family connection, and had some damn fine cherry pie. Let's rock!


The short version: "There's fire where you are going."


Wow, there was a lot of plot to dig into this week. Often Twin Peaks can linger on strange individual stories and moments for what seems like almost too long, but this episode just moves. There's a lot to cover, so let's start with the biggest development.

Well, William Hastings wasn't kidding about that alternate dimension he found. Gordon Cole was almost sucked right into The Zone, a malevolent-seeming portal where we saw Woodsmen waiting on the stairs. The portal also clearly works both ways, as a Woodsman snuck up and popped Hastings' head like a grape. Whether he was killed because of what he knows or simply because the Woodsman enjoyed it isn't clear, but we have to consider everyone else, including Gordon, to be in danger.

We also now have those coordinates Ruth Davenport got from Major Briggs when she and Hastings previously visited the Zone portal, which means it's possible Diane has them too, or least part of them. According to Albert some of the numbers are smudged, and while he didn't disclose exactly where they point, he seems to at least have an idea. Remember, DoppelDale has been looking for those coordinates since the series began, and we now know Diane's collaborating with him in some way. We could be set for some kind of showdown when all these players investigate the coordinates, but also remember there's at least once other person who's part of this puzzle. Phillip Jeffries, or at least a man who has Jeffries' phone number and clearly knows who DoppelDale really is. We haven't heard from him directly since Part 2 of the series, but DoppelDale and Jeffries were obviously working together in the time between the original series and The Return. What exactly they were up to is something we still haven't found out. Wherever it's leading, this sequence was an insanely creepy piece of Lynchian hyper-weirdness that opened up the show's mythology even further in a really exciting way.

One other piece of the puzzle, albeit a small one, also seemed to be revealed as Hawk and Sheriff Truman had a little chat about some coordinates of their own. Hawk, it turns out, has an ancestral map full of symbols and portents pertaining to the coordinates and dates Major Briggs left them in his decades-old message. According to Hawk, the date and place are specifically tied to "fire," possibly even "black fire," and obviously we all must immediately think of the show's most famous phrase: Fire Walk With Me. There's also a familiar symbol (reminiscent of the Owl Cave glyph but apparently not the same thing) that Hawk simply warns us we don't want to know about. When we first saw this symbol, DoppelDale had it drawn on a playing card and intoned "This is what I want." So, if he gets it, something very, very bad is bound to be on the way.

Meanwhile the town of Twin Peaks just seems to be going mad. The sheriff's department switchboard won't stop lighting up, a mishap with a gun on a busy street led to a woman shouting down Bobby Briggs in a fit of rage and a young woman vomiting and convulsing that might be the single creepiest image I've ever seen on this show. Bobby's face said it all. This didn't feel like a simple accident. The look on the little boy's face in particular made this feel much more malevolent.

Then there's Becky, who very nearly killed her mother Shelly while peeling out of the trailer park in an effort to just straight-up murder Steven, who's not only abusive but seems to be cheating on her as well. Turns out Bobby and Shelly settled down and had a baby, and Becky's the end result. While Bobby and Shelly haven't stayed together, they are committed to co-parenting, and Becky's having trouble letting go of her troubled marriage. When we first saw Becky I drew immediate parallels to the beautiful, doomed Laura Palmer, right down to the drug abuse. That's reason enough to be fascinated by Becky, but there's more to it than that. She has Laura's love of drugs and danger (her father, Laura's ex, was also very into drugs before he cleaned up), and she has Shelly's love of bad boys. It's hard not to think of this as a lethal combination given the history of this show. And, of course, it turns out Shelly still hasn't let go of her own taste for bad boys either.

And finally, in a delightful turn of events for Dale/Dougie, it seems we're getting just a little bit closer to seeing the old Cooper again thanks to our old friend, cherry pie. Cherry pie, as the Log Lady told us, is a miracle, and it indeed saved Dale's life in this episode after one of the Mitchum brothers had a prophetic dream about Dougie's pie delivery. It turns out Cooper, disconnected from reality though he is, is still getting help from Gerard in the Red Room. This time it not only kept Dale alive but seemed to generate a spark of recognition as he dined on the pie and heard a haunting piano tune. How much longer will we have to wait until Cooper's finally rejoined us? There are only seven hours left.


No real complaints this week except to say, again, that the girl convulsing in the car made me very uncomfortable. That was the intended effect, of course, but ... come on, Mr. Lynch, I need to sleep. Oh, and the little "Viva Las Vegas" sequence in the limo just felt ... off to me. Not bad, exactly, but perhaps a little out of place.


- After taking a beating from Richard, it turns out Miriam is still with us and crawling her way to help. That means there's a witness, which could spell trouble for the youngest member of the Horne family.

- Though a Woodsman was seemingly responsible, Hastings' death bore a striking similarity to the two murders caused by The Experiment during the premiere. We've seen The Experiment twice and know it's directly related to the arrival of BOB in the world. We also know that it's loose ...

- "He's dead" is one of the great Gordon Cole line deliveries.

- We are still unable to locate Major Briggs' head.

And that's it for this week! Join us next time for "Part 12."