Outer Darkness 1 Cover

Check out a five-page preview of Chew creator John Layman's new sci-fi comic Outer Darkness

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Aug 16, 2018

Two years after his massive and acclaimed series Chew came to an end, writer John Layman is returning to Image Comics with an ambitious new Skybound series. This is Outer Darkness

Co-created with artist Afu Chan (Immortal Iron Fists), Outer Darkness is a new sci-fi series that blends spaceships with voodoo; space travel with demons and spirits; and the on-the-bridge energy of Star Trek with the terror of Event Horizon. Set centuries in the future, the book follows Josh Riggs, a disgraced captain fresh off a mission that went very, very wrong. With a shot at redemption, Riggs gets a new commission, but to finish the job he'll have to venture way out into the outer darkness of space, where the real terror lives.

Outer Darkness 1 Cover

Here's the official synopsis from Skybound:

"A world of sci-fi and horror. Outer Darkness is set seven hundred years in the future, against the background of a war between humanity and a savage alien race. Mankind has mastered interstellar travel and colonized the galaxy. But during our travels into space, we’ve discovered a horrible truth. When a body dies, its spirit is cast into space, into the terrible, infinite 'outer darkness.' Turns out, space is filled with spirits, ghosts, demons, and all manner of necro-essences... that are lonely, scared, confused, corrupted, or just plain pissed! Demonic possession, hauntings, cosmic horror... all as commonplace on a Starship as extraterrestrial encounters and alien attacks. Outer space is terrifying."

Basically, if you love sci-fi about the tensions and tribulations that come with starship voyages, and supernatural fiction that takes the horror into deep space, this is a book for you. SYFY WIRE was able to get a peek at the entire first issue ahead of Skybound's announcement, and from what we've seen, this has all the makings of a monstrous, high-concept thrill ride. You don't have to wait to take our word for it, though. You can see an early peek for yourself in the five-page preview below. 

Outer Darkness #1 arrives Nov. 14 from Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics.

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