Childhood's End producer on Syfy series: 'There are no heroes and villains’

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Aug 16, 2015, 4:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Syfy is gearing up to adapt one of Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal works, and the man producing the series sees no reason to mess with the story as the author conceived it.

While speaking at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour, Childhood’s End producer Matthew Graham said it “would be crazy” to deviate from the story as Clarke envisioned it. That should be nice to hear for fans worried the classic tale of a peaceful invasion from alien overlords might get butchered between page and screen.

According to Graham, they’re aiming to take all the themes from the book and adapt them into the modern day. Considering the novel focuses largely on the tradeoffs between freedom and security, this seems like the perfect time to adapt the 1953 story. It’s also a story without any obvious heroes or villains. It’s just about choices. Those themes resonate just as much now as they did then, if not more so.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“There are no heroes and villains in the story. It’s not about heroes and villains. There is nothing to fix, nothing to fight against … All the stakes we seem to live under seem almost indistinguishable to me. He was writing in an age of austerity, a world shaken to its core by World War II. He was writing during the Cold War. We’re all rattled by events of the last 15 years. Absolutely all the same things apply. One man’s surveillance is another man’s security. Some people want to be spied on, want to be looked at – they feel safe.”

The six-hour miniseries will air over three nights, beginning Dec. 14.

(Note: Syfy is the parent company of Blastr -Ed.).

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