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Child's Play creator still plans TV series and more sequels, not involved in remake

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Jul 6, 2018, 11:22 AM EDT (Updated)

A few days ago we got the surprising word that MGM is fast-tracking a remake of the killer doll classic Child's Play from director Lars Klevberg and writer Tyler Burton Smith. The news was surprising not just because Child's Play creator Don Mancini hasn't stopped making Chucky sequels to the original film yet, but because Mancini didn't seem to be at all involved in the new project. Now the man himself has cleared all of that up.

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting about the remake, Mancini said that he and longtime Chucky franchise producer David Kirschner were approached more than once by MGM and offered executive-producer credits on the film, providing the studio with an endorsement of their remake from the original creators. Mancini and Kirschner said no, and noted that they'll continue their relationship with Universal Pictures (which has released every Chucky film except the original and 2004's Seed of Chucky) to continue the franchise in their own way. Mancini confirmed to SYFY WIRE last month that he's developing a Chucky TV series, and he confirmed to Bloody Disgusting that he's not only bringing Chucky to the small screen but also planning more movies.

“We’re still working on the series and also plan to continue the film franchise with Universal,” Mancini said. “We intend to stay true to the universe we’ve created.”

Brad Dourif, the actor who's voiced Chucky in all seven of Mancini's films so far, is also reportedly committed to continuing with the original franchise, ruling him out as part of the remake. 

So, this sets the stage for a kind of Chucky vs. Chucky showdown. It's hard to tell at this point whether the franchises will ever face off against each other in the same year, but even if they don't, many fans will pick one side or the other because that's what fans do. There will no doubt be even more curiosity directed at the remake now that the original creators have announced their firm plan to keep going with their story, but whether it's a hit and spawns a franchise or not, Mancini intends to soldier on with his Good Guy doll. 

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