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Child’s Play remake launches brilliant new faux website as part of its marketing campaign

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Nov 26, 2018, 1:19 PM EST (Updated)

Orion Pictures has decided to have some fun designing the promotional website for the upcoming Child’s Play remake. Equally hilarious and horrific, resembles a marketing site made by the fictional (and massively irresponsible) toymaker Kaslan to sell its latest high-tech and interactive toy. Sort of.

And don't worry. Despite being introduced as “Buddi,” apparently the doll’s name is still Chucky. 

The site reveals that each Buddi doll comes equipped with a “highly intricate cloud-backed voice recognition engine capable of identifying speech,” as well as “20 sensors and cameras which provide detailed real-time information about its environment.” The website also promises that “your new best friend connects to and controls all your Kaslan and products and smart home devices.” 

Wait. It "controls" all of these devices? Ah, we’re sure that’s probably fine. Just as long as the doll never becomes sentient and homicidal…

Perusing this website, it's clear that the folks behind the remake of the 1988 cult classic have gone out of their way to make this version of Chucky a thoroughly modern creation, with overt references to WiFi and Cloud technology. We guess we're no longer scared of Haitian Vodou spells transferring souls into inanimate objects anymore.

In addition to learning how this toy should have never been mass produced for public consumption, you can also download these absolutely amazing wallpaper/poster images for your electronic devices:


Orion Pictures


Orion Pictures


Orion Pictures

Child’s Play follows Karen (Aubrey Plaza), a mother who gives her son (Gabriel Bateman) a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature (so, apparently giving it control of all of our electronic devices was a bad idea after all). Brian Tyree Henry also stars. Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) will direct from a script by Tyler Burton Smith (Kung Fury 2).

As the message on the website promises, Buddi (aka the Child’s Play remake) will be joining households across the world (i.e., hitting theaters) starting June 21, 2019.