Child’s Play’s Christine Elise is scary mad about MGM remake that leaves out creator Don Mancini

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Aug 16, 2018, 3:29 PM EDT

There’s at least one person who’s excited — and not in a good way — about the recently-announced remake of the original 1980 classic Child’s Play, and she isn’t sparing anyone her candor.

Franchise star Christine Elise, is, well, pissed off about the announced Child's Play remake from IT producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, which won’t involve original Child's Play creator Don Mancini or longtime Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif. In a recent interview with Horror Geek Life, she left absolutely everything on the field when the conversation turned to her feelings about the film.

“I think it’s an unbelievably huge d*** move. I think it’s a douche move absolutely,” said Elise, who’s played Kyle in three of the Mancini-involved movies. “I don’t know why they would f*** with a healthy franchise. To make a competing franchise with an existing, and like you said healthy, robust franchise is super douchey. And nobody from the original franchise is involved, they’re not gonna have Brad Dourif, they’re not gonna have Don, and they’re not gonna have any of us.”

Elise is particularly incensed that the MGM project, in her view, essentially competes with Mancini’s work, since he’s remained deeply involved for three decades in creating new Child’s Play stories and has shown no sign of slowing down. The 30-year-old franchise has been having a spotlight moment recently, with Mancini revealing he’s begun work on his long-awaited television series to revive the killer doll, with Dourif again voicing Chucky.

“It’s especially douchey when you know that Don is developing a TV series and going back to using the title Child’s Play, not Bride of, Seed of, Curse of, Cult of Chucky, it’s going back to the Child’s Play name and it’s deep into development…And if you’ve seen Cult and you see how Cult ends, you know how rich in story it is, there’s so many doors open now, and to so insensitively threaten the Don Mancini empire I think, is f***** up.”

Mancini has so far kept the details of his TV project under wraps, but chances appear good that it’ll preserve the soul of everything he’s built up to this point. Elise told Horror Geek Life she’d love to be a part of the new series, and Child’s Play regular Jennifer Tilly told SYFY WIRE in June she wants to be involved, as well. 

Stay tuned for more on both MGM’s remake, as well as Mancini’s TV project, as development ramps up on each.