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Chill out with monstrous new Arctic-set short from Neill Blomkamp, Zygote

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Jul 12, 2017, 3:47 PM EDT

Here's a perfect way to beat the scorching summer heat and scare yourself silly at the same time.

Neill Blomkamp's brilliant indie film idea factory, Oats Studios, has just presented a fourth sensational genre short, titled Zygote. Starring Dakota Fanning and Jose Pablo Cantillo, it's set in a claustrophobic Arctic Circle mine similar to the remote Antarctic base in John Carpenter's The Thing, showcasing the perils of two lone survivors stranded beneath the ice who are forced to battle for their lives, evading and hiding from a ferocious biological terror.

The first three experimental shorts, Rakka, Firebase and God: Serengeti, all displayed Blomkamp's knack for conceptual storytelling, and this short-format filmmaking is allowing him to explore myriad mad notions in the sci-fi, horror and fantasy worlds with complete mastery. These test creations will be expanded into feature films should studios come knocking, but until then they remain sparkling gems to be savored for their originality and ambition.

Check out the Cerberus Minerals survivors in the R-rated Zygote below, and witness a wealth of extra behind-the scenes content, including dailies, concept art, sound stems, 3D models and the musical score on Steam for $4.99 to help support Oats Studios.

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