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Chilling American Horror Story: Cult character portraits reveal new additions

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Aug 3, 2017

From creepy clown clones, to disembodied grabbing hands, to that terrifying honeycomb hallway — whether or not the nightmare fuel that has horrified us for the past 11 teasers is literal or an ominous metaphor for the events of Season 7 — we already know that American Horror Story: Cult is a hive-mind monstrosity that could brainwash you into sleeping with the light on.

Now it gets even scarier as FX unearths the first images of new characters that will forever leave an imprint on your brain. Are the clowns lurking in the shadows here just messing with our heads, or will these spawn of IT actually be crawling around the series? I kind of hope they will. Then again, I’m not a coulrophobe.



First victim: Billy Eichner as Harrison Wilton. Harrison obviously has something to be afraid of—just look behind his shoulder.



Second victim: Allison Pill as Ivy Mayfair Richards. Monster knives are always to be expected in AHS. The question is whether even that cleaver is enough defense against the thing in the background.



Third victim: Billie Lourd as Winter Anderson. She might be trying to convince herself that feeling something is under the bed is just her imagination. Except in this case, there really is something under the bed.



Fourth victim: Cheyenne Jackson as Dr. Rudy Vincent. Whether this psychologist will be as psychotic as Thredson on Asylum remains to be seen, if those shadows on the wall don’t drive him to insanity first.



Final victim: Colton Haynes as Detective Samuels. No matter how many spooks he’s apprehended, he obviously missed the thing with the baseball bat creeping up on him.

Returning to the slaughterhouse are Evan Peters as Kai, who will fall passionately in love with fellow AHS vet Sarah Paulson’s character Ally. Frances Conroy, Lena Dunham, Emma Roberts, Adina Porter, Mare Winningham, and Leslie Grossman will also be subjected to some kind of torture.

Join the cult now as you wait to get sucked in on September 5.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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