Chinese engineers developing giant Star Wars-esque ‘crab walker’ tanks

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Sep 24, 2014

Remember those epic Separatist OG-9 Homing Droids that popped up in the battle scenes of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones? So does the Chinese military, apparently.

Popular Science reports that Dai Jinsong and other Chinese engineers of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology, have published a handful of articles in Chinese weapons design journals focusing on the study of a legged, auto-cannon-carrying robot. You know, like a giant killer crab tank.

Apparently the studies are quite in-depth, meaning these walking death monsters could eventually come to fruition at some point. The various studies focus on 10- and 8-legged versions of the crab tank. The studies focused on putting the tech together for crab tanks, from synchronizing all the legs and guns to making all the legs work together so the whole rig doesn’t just fall over.

The basic design is approximately 20 feet long, with four legs on each side, plus two legs on the back to stabilize the tank when firing. Size-wise, the craft should be small enough to drop in via heavy-duty helicopters. The base model would feature a 30mm autocannon, which could be swapped for other weapons.

Depending on how the design develops, the craft would likely be controlled by a driver — though future versions could be drones or AI. Because, yeah, how could that go wrong?

(Via Popular Science)

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