Riverdale - Veronica - Karma's a Bitch

Popular new Chinese Riverdale meme proves that Karma's a Bitch

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Jan 29, 2018

For a high school show based on the Archie Comics and airing on The CW, Riverdale can get awfully dark and broody at times, even darn-right macabre. But not everything having to do with the show has to be so somber.

Take this new Chinese meme, for example, which is starting to blow up right now. It's fun, positive, and doesn't include any Black Hood business.

It all started with emiliasbastard's fan edit on Instagram, which takes a quote from the show and flips it into karmic ammunition:

That is Veronica Lodge, played by Camila Mendes. In Season 1 of Riverdale, Veronica is the new kid in town, a formerly wealthy New York socialite who sees the move to Riverdale as her opportunity to change her image. The fan edit shows Veronica going from a normal, even bookish, high school girl to a sexy, sultry young adult -- all set to a remix of "Gucci Gucci" by Kreayshawn.

Turning such a makeover into a meme is apparently a "new trend" of Chinese Riverdale fans, according to BuzzFeed's Kassy Cho. After syncing up with the audio from the "Karma's a Bitch" meme, somewhat reserved-looking people transform into fancy, sexy, ready-to-hit-the-town people -- all with the flick of a wrist, the swish of a scarf, and some fancy editing.

Check out some examples below, as rounded up by YouTuber Feureau:


So, are you inspired to make your own "Karma's a bitch" meme? Let's see 'em!

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