Chocolate causes Potter fans to give Warners an F in human rights

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

Warner Bros. beware. There's a serious watchdog in town, and it comes from within the Harry Potter community. Activists going under the title the Harry Potter Alliance have just issued a press release that includes damning accusations of child slavery.

So what's happening, exactly?

Back in 2011, the HPA came to Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer and presented him with a report provided by activist group Free2Work. In that report there was evidence to suggest that child slavery in the Ivory Coast went into the sourcing of Harry Potter cocoa. As a result, Free2Work gave Warner Bros. an "F" in human rights and the HPA garnered more than 16,000 signatures by teenage HP fans asking that all Harry Potter chocolate become fair trade.

The wrinkle here is that Warner Bros. says it has actually conducted its own internal report, which concluded that Harry Potter cocoa met with its ethical sourcing guidelines.

The catch is that Warner Bros. hasn't released its report. HPA executive director Andrew Slack wants more, stating, "We live in an era where outfits like Change.org, the Tea Party, and the Occupy movements force governments and companies to be transparent. It's time for Warner Bros. to wake up to the twenty-first century."

While the HPA has tussled with others before, its experience with Warner Bros. in the past has actually been positive. In fact, Barry Meyer applauded the HPA for its social responsibility.

The HPA isn't out to harm Warner Bros. Says Slack, "Our only enemy here is and remains child slavery. As consumers of these products and as fans of Harry Potter, we have a right to see this report."

(Via Show Us the Report)

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